Holiday destinations with best exchange rates for UK travellers

The pound has dropped like a little stone, just at the height of holiday season, affecting your Euro and Dollar exchange rates. But do not fear, as there are some places where the pound is still holding its own against the local currency. So, if you haven’t yet booked anywhere to go on hols, here […]

Taking your money on holiday

  Hands up who remembers the old days of travellers’ cheques??! You’d pick them up from the post office or your bank and be terrified of losing them, as they represented all your holiday money for your 2-week trip. Maybe you’d stash them in different places in your hand luggage, so if you lost one […]

Make the Most of Your Renting Perks

Are you looking at renting somewhere to live? Or are you already doing so and want to make the most of it? Whether you rent due to affordability or lifestyle suitability, it can be the perfect decision to give you that independence in life. You’ll have a space of your own, paid for with hard earned money, and […]