Women, please, you need to get rich

I’m going to tell you something that might make you cry, or howl at the moon. Brace yourself: The average woman loses £300k over the course of her life compared to the average guy. Whenever I talk to women about money and I bring up this statistic, the response is always: “Woah. WHAT?? How much? […]

Why the Pay Gap is about to do something wonderful for Women.

  The results of the gender pay gap reporting in the UK have been counted and the headline figures are pretty damning. 78% of the 10,000 businesses that reported pay men more than women. Women make up less than one-third of highest paid jobs. There is not one single sector that pays women more than […]

Women: Get paid your worth.

I’m intrigued by the psychology around how much you get paid for work. I mean really intrigued. I want to know everything. I want to know how you feel about asking for a pay rise. Do you feel pumped, like a champ on fight night, with your entrance music and your satin dressing gown? Or […]