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1. What happens if I get made redundant or let go from my job?

We know that redundancy or losing your job is scary. So let’s look at how you can get some money coming in.

Will I get any money if I’m made redundant?

Some companies will pay you a sum of money if they make you redundant (that’s called an ‘enhanced redundancy package’).

You only get standard redundancy payments (called ‘statutory redundancy’) if you’ve worked for your company for more than 2 years.

Unfortunately, if you’ve been there less than 2 years, then your employer doesn’t have to pay you anything. We know, that’s a horrible position to be in right now, but you may be able to claim benefits to tide you over.

If you want to double check if you’re eligible for redunancy payments, click below.

2. Check what benefits you could get

There is absolutely no shame in claiming benefits. You are not alone in needing some financial help. More than 1 million people have already applied for universal credit since the crisis started. So if you need some money coming in, please check if you are eligible for benefits.

Use a benefits’ calculator

The rules around benefits claims (specifically Universal Credit) have been changed to make it easier for people to get support. Although it takes around 5 weeks for your UC application to be assessed, you can request an advance payment, which will be paid quicker to tide you over.

Use EntitledTo’s benefits calculator to see what you are eligible for.

If you are eligible for Universal Credit (or any other benefits), we recommend applying online as phone lines are incredibly busy.

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