Make the Most of Your Renting Perks

Are you looking at renting somewhere to live? Or are you already doing so and want to make the most of it? Whether you rent due to affordability or lifestyle suitability, it can be the perfect decision to give you that independence in life. You’ll have a space of your own, paid for with hard earned money, and be in the ideal situation to live life your way. Just Landlords has put together its suggestions of how to get the best experience out of renting.


This is a big one on our list. You might not know it, unless you’ve previously owned your own home, but, as a tenant, you’ve got an entitlement to sufficient maintenance. If your boiler is playing up, or you’ve got a leaky roof, your landlord is responsible. It is up to them to take care of any repair bills and maintenance costs. The property technically belongs to them, no matter how long-term you intend on staying, so it’s worth considering the savings you’re making in comparison to those poor homeowners.

Furniture and Decorating

It can be useful to move into a fully furnished property, saving you time and money to fill what would otherwise be a rather empty space. When moving out, this bonus will show itself to be welcome yet again. No frustration of trying to fit furniture through tight doorways, and no fees to transport it to your new location.

If you do find yourself wanting to add a personal touch to your pre-furnished property, consider blankets and pillows to add a splash of colour and a touch of warmth. See where you stand with your landlord on putting up shelving and pictures. If they don’t want you drilling into the walls, then freestanding bookshelves and cabinets can provide adequate spaces to show off photos and ornaments.


Renting a property with your friends can be great. You already know what they are like as a person, there are no awkward introductions to random strangers, and you know exactly who you will be sharing that bathroom with. Choose your roommates carefully, and this scenario can be perfect. You’ll always have someone to go out with on a Friday night, or stay in and watch TV with. And of course, it’s cheaper than renting the entire space on your own. Sure, you could find a smaller one-bedroom property, but if you have the opportunity to rent somewhere bigger and share, then it’s worth considering.

Initial Costs

Compared to buying a house, the deposit required for renting is much more affordable. If you are at the beginning of your renting journey, then you will save up the deposit for renting considerably faster than if you were buying. Even better, as long as you look after the property, you can rest assured that your deposit will be returned to you at the end of your tenancy.

We strongly advise making thorough documentation of all furniture in the property at the point of moving in, and note any damages, no matter how small, that are already there. Missing the slightest detail could cost you part of your deposit otherwise. Photographic proof will support you against any claims of damage.

Unhappy with the Property?

With renting, you have more freedom to upsize or downsize as required. Even if you find after a couple of months you need a bigger kitchen, or that extra room is just not needed, depending on the length of your contract, you’ll be able to move into somewhere more suitable before long.

Alternatively, if you are in the middle of building your dream career, you can move locations without all the hassles that come with selling a property. No fees, no paperwork, no getting caught in chains that fall through. Freedom!

Something More Permanent

For those of you wanting to permanently settle down one day, this may be achievable, perhaps more easily so, through renting. The Residential Landlords Association (RLA) has recently called for tax relief for landlords who are willing to eventually sell their property to the sitting tenant.

If you want to read more about this development, check out our article discussing the RLA’s new research into the impact that recent tax changes have had on the world of renting and letting.

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