How to set positive new year’s resolutions in 2021

Gear up for a 2021 reboot

As we start a brand new year, the push to look back on 2020 and set ourselves new goals might feel less urgent than usual. Maybe you’re worried about committing to new success when things still feel unstable. Or has your optimism run dry following such a tough year? After the last 12 months, it’s understandable that setting new goals might feel out of touch. 2020 has put us through some of the most collectively challenging experiences possible, as well as causing difficulties for all of us on a personal level. But remember – we got through it. So let’s try and look forward, recharge and gear up for a reboot!

Why not follow in the footsteps of CEO Mark Zuckerberg? After facing a tricky business year in 2009, he has set himself a personal challenge at the start of each new year. From small goals like wearing a tie everyday, to huge feats such as learning to speak fluent Mandarin, he always announces his mission to the public. Something that makes him a great case study, is that his goals (even the small ones) are transformative. When he set himself the challenge to wear a tie everyday, it was to encourage himself to maintain a professional, can-do mindset whilst his company was in crisis. Following this lead, we want to push you to set goals for 2021 that are meaningful, motivating and measurable. 

Before any good decision, reflection comes first. Take fifteen minutes to sit down and think about last year. Whilst it may seem like there were a lot of negatives – how many of those were beyond your control? Focus on things that only you were accountable for! Think about what new skills, hobbies or happinesses you want to build upon next year. And what kind of learning experiences (not failures!) do you want to avoid repeating?  Our word for 2021 is reboot – and in this spirit we recommend picking 3 priorities for 2021. One that’s related to professional growth, one that’ll help you improve the relationships in your life and one that’ll help you develop a new skill or hobby. Think work, home, play.

Millions of people across the globe set themselves a New Year’s Resolution to start on a positive note. But by making the  choice to announce his goals to a huge audience, he is committing to holding himself accountable on a world stage. Why not take a leaf out of this book? Whilst we’re not suggesting that you make a public announcement…setting meaningful, transformative challenges and sharing these with a close friend or family member makes you answerable to your own success. Translation: you’re far less likely to flake when the going gets tough! 

We are constantly talking to regular people about what they want to achieve. And the most common answer? Buying a first home. A lot of people may have put their plans to move this year on hold. And even more may have dipped into their deposit savings after getting a pay cut, or losing a job. We want to let you know that this is ok. If your once crystal clear plans are feeling distant and murky – let us help you get back on track. The incredible thing about our membership plans is that they do the work for you. If everything is feeling a bit much right now, our step-by-step plans can act as the lifeline you need. They are personalised, clear cut, and completely tailored to helping you achieve your goals. Or drop us a DM on Instagram or Twitter and we’ll chat to you about how we can help. 

Set positive new year resolutions 2021
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