Save your deposit

Great! We have everything we need to build you a fantastic action plan.

Just choose how you’d like to pay from the options below.
Then our team will get to work making your plan.

You’ll get a welcome email which explains what to expect.
Then your action plan will follow in a couple of days.

lifetise homebuyer testimonials

Helped me a lot in terms of prioritising what to do. I’m so much more focused now.

Ben, Bristol
Lifetise homebuyer action plan - save your deposit

What’s included in your plan

  • A full plan with step-by-step actions to fast-track you
  • Progress tracking and check-ins
  • Free masterclass (worth £35)
  • All designed to help you hit your savings target quicker and more easily

Taking the stress away from figuring it all out yourself.

1 x Single

£ 57.00

3 x monthly payments

£ 19.00

your fast track plan to saving your deposit
Lifetise Save Deposit Plan helps you find a good savings account

A personalised action plan starting from where you are in the home-buying process.

Lifetise action plans help couples buy a home

Step-by-step actions, so you know what to do to make real progress.

Lifetise Save Deposit Plan gives you tips on how to budget better

Expert tips on how to budget better, find the best savings accounts and more.

Guaranteed place on a lifetise masterclass

You get a guaranteed place on a masterclass with our experts (worth £35).

Lifetise finish line how to choose a mortgage broker

Inspiration, support and all your questions answered.

Lifetise action plan what to look for in a property

Start your success story today and be living in your ideal home soon.

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