Help son or daughter get on the property ladder

Give the gift of getting on the property ladder.
With a Lifetise membership.

Give someone a helping hand to buy a home of their own.
A Lifetise membership helps them:

✔ save their deposit quicker and easier
✔ get their finances into shape
✔ prepare for their mortgage application
✔ know what to look for in a property


Lifetise Giftcard - 3 months

3 month membership

£25 (£27)
Lifetise Giftcard - 6 months

6 month membership

£45 (£51)
Lifetise Giftcard - 12 months

12 month membership

£72 (£81)


A Lifetise membership gives your lucky recipient a tailored action plan. To help them get on (or up!) the property ladder quicker and more easily.

Lifetise homebuyer action plan example email

  • They’ll get sent weekly actions by email broken down into simple steps (everything from how to budget better, to how to improve their credit score)
  • They get monthly progress tracking and check-ins
  • Exclusive member-only masterclasses and meetups
  • A library of resources, including video walkthroughs
  • A homebuyer hotline to answer all their burning questions

Taking the stress away from figuring it all out themselves. Helping them feel confident and in control.

It’s really simple to give a gifted membership.

  1. Email confirmation for you. Once you complete your purchase, you’ll receive a receipt and a lovely email confirming the membership plan that you’ve bought. We take the price off this email, so that if you want to share it with the recipient to show them what you’ve bought them, you can!
  2. Email welcome pack for your recipient. When you checkout, you tell us when you want the gifted membership to start. On that start date, we’ll send your recipient a welcome email, explaining their membership plan and how to activate it. Until that start date, it can stay as a surprise!
  3. Tailoring their plan. Your recipients journey starts with a quiz. So we know where they are in their home buying journey. We then create a personalised plan for them, with all the steps they need to progress towards home ownership.


When you checkout, you’ll be asked for the date you’d like the membership to start.

You can pick any start date up to 6 months into the future.

This is the date that we will send your gift recipient their welcome email, with the details of their membership plan and how to activate it.

Until that date, the gift can stay just our little secret!

Here’s what we recommend as a rule of thumb:

  1. If the recipient is just starting out on their home buying journey, then a 6 or 12 month membership will help them make real progress towards saving for a deposit.
  2. If they have already been saving for a while and need help getting their finances in order before they apply for a mortgage, we recommend a 6 month membership, so they have time to pay down any debts and get their credit score in order.
  3. If they are nearly at the point of applying for a mortgage, then a 3 month membership will get them well prepared for their mortgage application, help them know what to look for in a property, and guide them through all the logistical steps of buying a home.

If you’re not sure, please email our friendly team at and we’ll be happy to help you choose what’s best.

Lifetise helps people achieve their most important life goals. From buying a home, to affording childcare.

We provide personalised financial action plans that break down complex decisions into easy-to-do actions.
Showing our members what they can afford and the individual steps they need to take to get there.

Read more about our mission here.

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