Get your finances ready to apply for a mortgage

Ok, time to get your finances in great shape before you apply for a mortgage

Your Lifetise membership is all about getting you results.
You’ve worked hard to save your deposit. Now it’s time to get your finances in great shape before you apply for a mortgage.

You’ve got a goal: get that home!
Your membership plan from here takes you through the steps to get your property. It’s all about taking action and seeing progress.

It’s personalised too, meaning we build your plan based on your specific situation. The set of actions you can take to get the keys to your new home.

How your membership works

Take the quiz

You take a short quiz, so we know exactly where you are in your homebuying journey.
So we know what help you need and can make your plan as effective as possible.

We build your personal plan

You’ll get a weekly email with your actions to do that week. Fed to you in simple, bite-sized tasks. Plus we’ll tell you how much time commitment each action will take, so you’ll actually do it!

Your plan is unique to you and could include: how to improve your credit score, pay down debts, get out of your overdraft, and more.

Get support from our whole squad

Our job is to help you hit your goal, so we’ve built you a whole support system.

  • video walkthroughs of the actions, so you always know what to do.
  • a Homebuyer Hotline to our experts if you have any questions.
  • regular progress updates, plus tips to help you stay on target.

What our members say

I’m a bit embarrassed to say that I’d never even checked my credit score.
I didn’t know where to start. Having everything step by step made it so much easier to get on top of things.

Daniel, London


Your homebuying journey starts with a few simple questions. Then we can create your step-by-step plan.

Get mortgage ready action plan from Lifetise

What’s included in your membership

  • Your membership is tailored to the things you need to do to get that home you dream of!
  • We’ll send you weekly actions broken down into simple steps
  • You’ll get monthly progress tracking and check-ins
  • Exclusive member-only masterclasses and meetups
  • A library of resources, including video walkthroughs
  • A homebuyer hotline to answer your questions

Taking the stress away from figuring it all out yourself.


£ 9.00

Limited time offer.
Cancel your subscription anytime.


£ 81.00

Limited time offer.
Pay yearly and get 3 months free.

Your fast-track plan to getting mortgage ready

What you need for your mortgage application

A personalised action plan starting from where you are in the home-buying process.

Best first time buyer mortgage

Step-by-step actions, so you know what to do to make real progress.

Moving into your new home

Expert tips on improving your credit score, choosing a mortgage broker and more.

Lifetise action plans help couples buy a home

Exclusive members-only masterclasses and meetups.

Buy a house with a balcony

Inspiration, support and all your questions answered.

Lifetise home affordability calculator

Start your success story today and be living in your ideal home soon.

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