Buy your own home

Let’s get you on the property ladder.

Buying a home of your own is incredibly exciting.

And it can be A LOT to think about – particularly if this is your first time.

So we’ve created a new service for you. To get you in the best shape possible to breeze through the process.

The best part is, it works whatever stage you’re at in the homebuying journey.

Choose from one of the three options below and you’ll get a personalised action plan that will tell you exactly what to do to see real progress towards your goal.

#1 Starting out strongly

Setting you up to save your deposit quicker

This is for you if you’ve started saving for your deposit (or want to!). An action plan that helps you budget better so you can save more. Plus great tips to help you stay focused on the goal, so you get there quicker.

Focus: hitting your savings goals.


#2 Getting into shape

Lifetise homebuyer intermediate

Getting your finances in shape before you apply for a mortgage

This is for you if you’re about 6 – 12 months from hitting your savings target. An action plan to get your finances in great shape to make applying for a mortgage simple.

Focus: making you look as good as possible to a mortgage lender.


#3 Over the finish line

Lifetise homebuyer advanced

Let’s get you that home!

This is for you if you’re about 3 – 6 months from being able to buy your home. An action plan to get you over the line. How to sail through your mortgage application, plus what to look for in a property.

Focus: getting a great deal on your mortgage.


What our members love about their plans.

With the budgeting recommendations, I went from saving £100 a month to £250!

Claire, West Midlands

I felt like I was out of my depth when it came to looking for a mortgage. To be honest, I didn’t really understand a lot of the jargon. They explained it in a way that completely made sense. I went into the process with some great tips and felt a lot more confident that I knew what I was doing.

Rob, Bristol

Making it happen for you.

Just think of that space being all yours!
Decorating it how you want (we know you’ve been collecting interiors inspiration).

Being able to buy that beautiful big bed you’ve had your eye on. Finally getting a cat or dog. Your own garden or balcony. Or space for a nursery!

Taking the stress away from figuring it all out yourself.

Helping you feel confident, energised and fully clued-up about the process.

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