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Buying a home of your own is incredibly exciting.

And it can be A LOT to think about.

Particularly if this is your first time, but even if you’ve done it before, you know there’s a big long list of things you have to do!

We want you to feel excited and motivated and super confident about the whole process.

So when you subscribe to a Lifetise membership, you’ll get a step-by-step action plan.
To get you in the best shape possible to breeze through it.
Lifetise Homebuyer action plans for first time buyers

Get a Lifetise membership and go from dreaming to doing.

You’ve got a clear goal to buy a home of your own.
With a Lifetise membership, you’ll get a tailor-made action plan to make it happen.

✔ Step-by-step instructions, personalised just for you.

✔ On what to do to make real progress towards your goal.

✔ The best part is, there’s a plan for whatever stage you’re at in the homebuying journey.

Lifetise Homebuyer action plans for first time buyers

How it works

Our job is to help you get that home. So whatever stage you’re at – just starting to save your deposit, or nearly there and thinking about making a mortgage application – we’ve got you covered.
Here’s what happens when you subscribe:

Take the quiz

Answer a few simple questions about where you’re at in your home buying journey. So we can build you an effective, step-by-step action plan.

Your personalised plan

Everyone is different, so you get a tailored plan to take you from where you are now, to home owner. You just have to do the actions!

Weekly progress

You get a new action email every week.
So you can make quick progress, without ever feeling overwhelmed.

Lifetise homebuyer action plan - save your deposit

What’s included in your membership

  • We’ll send you weekly actions broken down into simple steps
  • You’ll get monthly progress tracking and check-ins
  • Exclusive member-only masterclasses and meetups
  • A library of resources, including video walkthroughs
  • A homebuyer hotline to answer your questions
  • All designed to help you hit your savings target quicker and more easily

Taking the stress away from figuring it all out yourself.


£ 9.00

Cancel your subscription anytime.


£ 81.00

Pay yearly and get 3 months free.

Making your dream a reality with an action plan.

You’ve probably spent hours browsing Zoopla. Getting a sense of what you want.
Big windows and lots of light. Traditional Victorian with original wood floors, or a sleek modern apartment with a great kitchen to host friends.

Maybe you’ve already picked out colours for the walls, or the furniture you’d choose!

All you need now is an action plan to help you hit your goals.

Lifetise home affordability calculator
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