First time buyer

Lifetise first time buyer

First time buyers

Will student debt stop you buying a house?

Myth-Busting: Will student debt stop you buying a home? At Lifetise, our goal is to shower you with the confidence and know-how to make life’s
First time buyers

Do you know the real costs of buying a home?

Buying your first home is exciting. For many people, it’s a lifelong dream, and the feeling of having finally saved enough for your deposit is
First time buyers

5 things all first time buyers need to know

Buying your first home is a big deal. For a lot of us, it feels like the ultimate goal, the unticked box at the top
First time buyers, Moving home

Escape to the country (or seaside, or suburbs)

With our eyes always on the property market, there’s a new trend that we’ve noticed emerging lately – and that’s a change in which spots
How covid 19 has change home buying process
First time buyers, Moving home

Looking to buy a home? Here’s how COVID-19 has changed the home buying process.

As home buying experts we work to stay as up to date on the current market as possible. So we are best positioned to help
Buy 1 bed flat Brixton SW2
First time buyers

Homebuyer diaries – South London

We’re sharing stories of how other people have used our Homefinder app to find their dream home. We know how difficult it can be to
First time buyers

How does shared ownership work?

We’ve had a lot of questions from members asking how does shared ownership work? To help you decide if it’s right for you, the pros
Being single is expensive
First time buyers

Being single is expensive AF

Dear Lifetise, I don’t think we talk enough about how being single is so expensive compared to being part of a couple where both partners
Where to buy in Hackney
First time buyers

Home-Buyer Diary: 30-something couple looking to buy a house in Hackney

We’re sharing stories of how other people have used Lifetise Homefinder to find their dream home. We know how difficult it can be to find
Lifetise - where to put your savings for maximum interest
First time buyers

Best savings accounts

Saving money is hard enough without having to try to figure out which is the best savings account. With so many different types of savings
Lifetise mortgage application guide - image by jan jakub nanista on unsplash
First time buyers, Remortgaging

How to apply for a mortgage: easy mortgage application guide

Hello and welcome to your guide on how to apply for a mortgage. Everything you need to know about the mortgage application process in one
How to save money using the 50-30-20 rule - Lifetise
First time buyers, Millennial Money

How I managed to save £6,000 in a year using the 50 / 30 / 20 rule

I’ve always found it difficult to save money. I go through phases where I’ll be really disciplined for a couple of months and take my
which ISA is best for me help to buy or lifetime ISA
First time buyers

Help-to-buy ISA vs Lifetime ISA (LISA)

If you are saving to buy a home, then you should think about opening a Help-to-buy ISA or a Lifetime ISA. There are slightly different
Dear Lifetise, I can't stand living with my boyfriend's parents
First time buyers

Dear Lifetise: I can’t stand living with my boyfriend’s parents

Dear Lifetise   I’m 29 and I’ve moved in with my boyfriend at his parents’ home whilst we save for a house. I know it’s
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