Secrets to running a successful small business

MONEY & ME PODCAST Episode #11: Chloe & Pont The secrets to running a successful small business (even in 2020!) In this episode, Caroline talks to Chloe and Pont, co-owners of hair salon Bebop, about taking on the financial risks of setting up as a small business, riding out not one, but two Covid lockdowns, […]

Four ways to upgrade your entrepreneur money mindset

In the leadup to our next Money Mindset workshop, this week’s focus is on some of the common stumbling blocks for entrepreneurs when it comes to manifesting the right money mindset. Whether it’s a fear of failure, knowing your worth or concerns about raising investment – we are here to help you outgrow old habits […]

Money & Me podcast 🎙️

Episode #1: Caroline’s story Does growing up poor ever leave you? In this episode, Caroline Hughes, co-founder of Lifetise, talks about how the financial difficulties her family had when she was growing up affected how she feels about, and deals with, money. Transcript Episode One. Caroline’s story: does growing up poor ever leave you? In […]