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In this episode, Caroline talks to actor, coach and around brilliant woman Nicky Raby, about thriving in a portfolio career and defining your own version of success.

Money & Me Podcast 🎙️

Episode #3: Changwe’s story Money, privilege, sacrifice and loss In this episode, Caroline talks to Changwe about living between two worlds. On the one hand, privilege. On the other sacrifice and loss. Transcript Caroline Welcome to Episode Three of Money & Me. This is Changwe’s story: of living between two worlds. On the one hand: […]

Money & Me Podcast 🎙️

Episode #2: Alex’s story Going to university as a mature student In this episode, Caroline talks to Alex about her decision to go to university as a mature student and how she feels about her money situation as a result. Transcript CarolineEpisode Two: Alex’s story. In this episode, Caroline chats to her sister, Alex, about […]

Money & Me podcast 🎙️

Episode #1: Caroline’s story Does growing up poor ever leave you? In this episode, Caroline Hughes, co-founder of Lifetise, talks about how the financial difficulties her family had when she was growing up affected how she feels about, and deals with, money. Transcript Episode One. Caroline’s story: does growing up poor ever leave you? In […]

Dear Lifetise: I spend all my money on going out

Dear Lifetise I’m 27 and living with 2 friends in a house-share in Coventry.  I work full-time as a project manager earning £30,000. I enjoy my job and I’m lucky that I’ve made loads of friends at work. There’s a group of us that goes out most nights after work for some beers, or to […]

Dear Lifetise: I can’t afford to be a bridesmaid at my friend’s wedding

Dear Lifetise, my friend is getting married in November and I’m one of her bridesmaids. We’ve been friends since primary school and I love her, but the wedding is turning into a nightmare for me financially. She and her boyfriend have only been together for a year and they got engaged 2 months ago, so […]

How I managed to save £6,000 in a year using the 50 / 30 / 20 rule

I’ve always found it difficult to save money. I go through phases where I’ll be really disciplined for a couple of months and take my own lunches to work and cut down on nights out. I’ll feel very virtuous for a while, until I get bored of eating leftovers every day. Then it will get […]

Holiday destinations with best exchange rates for UK travellers

The pound has dropped like a little stone, just at the height of holiday season, affecting your Euro and Dollar exchange rates. But do not fear, as there are some places where the pound is still holding its own against the local currency. So, if you haven’t yet booked anywhere to go on hols, here […]

Taking your money on holiday

  Hands up who remembers the old days of travellers’ cheques??! You’d pick them up from the post office or your bank and be terrified of losing them, as they represented all your holiday money for your 2-week trip. Maybe you’d stash them in different places in your hand luggage, so if you lost one […]

Women, please, you need to get rich

I’m going to tell you something that might make you cry, or howl at the moon. Brace yourself: The average woman loses £300k over the course of her life compared to the average guy. Whenever I talk to women about money and I bring up this statistic, the response is always: “Woah. WHAT?? How much? […]