Want to save more money this year? Use science

When it comes to saving, how many of us can raise our hands and  say that we’re truly on track? Yep…that’s what we thought. There’s a whole range of reasons why our financial goals might feel unattainable. One of the most common excuses (yes, we said excuses!) is that our monthly expenses like rent, groceries […]

How to set positive new year’s resolutions in 2024

Gear up for a 2024 reboot As we start a brand new year, let’s try and look forward, recharge and gear up for a reboot! Why not follow in the footsteps of CEO Mark Zuckerberg? After facing a tricky business year in 2009, he has set himself a personal challenge at the start of each […]

4 ways to feel better about money before in 2024

4 ways to feel better about money in 2024 The sooner you start making smart money choices, the more likely you are to carry those habits into the new year with you. Have a read on to find out 4 practical ways you can feel better about money now and start 2024 on a strong […]

Money saving hacks to try in your lunch break

4 quick money saving hacks to try in your lunch break Want to know how to save more? If you constantly find yourself stretched thin when it comes to money, or living paycheck to paycheck, now might be a good time to reflect on some of your spending and saving habits. But…it’s nearing the end […]

First in your family to go to university

MONEY & ME PODCAST Episode #9: Katie’s story Being the first in your family to go to university In this episode, Caroline talks to Katie Watson about being the first person in her family to go to university, why she’s not worried about student debt and how hard 2020 has been for graduates trying to […]


MONEY & ME PODCAST Episode #7: Zanna Van Dijk Financial wellness, sustainability & finding energy in work In this episode, Caroline chats to Zanna Van Dijk, fitness, wellness and sustainability superstar, who is passionate about using her own journey and platform to educate and inspire others about financial empowerment. LISTEN NOW LISTEN ON SPOTIFY LISTEN […]

Have you saved more money in 2020?

2020 has changed a lot of things in our lives. Remote working, not seeing friends and family as often, spending a lot of time indoors. It may have turned us into a nation of unintentional introverts, but for some people, it’s allowed them to save more money than they’ve ever been able to before. Admittedly, […]

Overdrafts and mortgages

Overdrafts are funny things. We don’t always think of them as loans or debt. Perhaps because they just sit in our bank accounts until we need them. They can be really useful for emergencies – to avoid any direct debits bouncing if you get paid late, or have to spend more than you were expecting […]


In this episode, Caroline talks to Lola Abitogun about the hard work and compromises she made to save £60k by age 28 to buy her own flat in London.

Money & Me Podcast 🎙️

In this episode, Caroline talks to author and journalist, Alex Holder, about why we find it so hard to talk about money. Why it’s important to share details on how much we earn. And the pressure to consume.