Abi Mohamed Community Growth Ventures angel investor in underestimated founders

MONEY & ME PODCAST Episode #15: Abi Mohamed My journey to becoming an angel investor In this episode, Caroline talks to Abi Mohamed, co-founder of Community Growth Ventures, about becoming an angel investor in early stage startups and why she invests in founders from underrepresented communities. LISTEN NOW LISTEN ON SPOTIFY LISTEN ON ITUNES NEVER […]

Emily Cummin Untangle rebuild your financial life after bereavement or loss

MONEY & ME PODCAST Episode #14: Emily Cummin When the worst happens….Bereavement, grief, loss and your finances. Caroline chats to Emily Cummin, the CEO and co-founder of grief support platform, Untangle. Emily talks about how grief can impact people in various ways, not just emotionally but also financially. When dealing with unexpected life changes, people […]

Carmel Dickinson – Money and relationships, building financial trust

MONEY & ME PODCAST Episode #13: Carmel’s story Money & relationships: rebuilding financial trust after a partner leaves you in serious debt In this episode, Caroline talks to Carmel Dickinson about being left £20,000 in debt when her fiancé at the time defaulted on his loans. And how it made her much more determined to […]

Want to save more money this year? Use science

When it comes to saving, how many of us can raise our hands and  say that we’re truly on track? Yep…that’s what we thought. There’s a whole range of reasons why our financial goals might feel unattainable. One of the most common excuses (yes, we said excuses!) is that our monthly expenses like rent, groceries […]

How to set positive new year’s resolutions in 2024

Gear up for a 2024 reboot As we start a brand new year, let’s try and look forward, recharge and gear up for a reboot! Why not follow in the footsteps of CEO Mark Zuckerberg? After facing a tricky business year in 2009, he has set himself a personal challenge at the start of each […]

Secrets to running a successful small business

MONEY & ME PODCAST Episode #11: Chloe & Pont The secrets to running a successful small business (even in 2020!) In this episode, Caroline talks to Chloe and Pont, co-owners of hair salon Bebop, about taking on the financial risks of setting up as a small business, riding out not one, but two Covid lockdowns, […]

4 ways to feel better about money before in 2024

4 ways to feel better about money in 2024 The sooner you start making smart money choices, the more likely you are to carry those habits into the new year with you. Have a read on to find out 4 practical ways you can feel better about money now and start 2024 on a strong […]

Will student debt stop you buying a house?

Myth-Busting: Will student debt stop you buying a home? At Lifetise, our goal is to shower you with the confidence and know-how to make life’s biggest decisions. What better way than to demystify complex decisions – like buying your first home. Debunking any fears or misinformation that get in the way of you going after […]

Dani St James Trans rights, education and financial support

MONEY & ME PODCAST Episode #10: Dani St James Not a Phase: financial, educational and emotional support for the trans community In this episode, Caroline talks to Dani St James, about the huge financial and emotional costs trans people experience getting access to jobs, medical care, and psychological support. And how her Not a Phase […]