Making you feel
financially confident


We want you to feel confident when you look into the future,
and when you think about the next big decision in your life. 

Too often financial decisions can make us feel a bit lost,
or that we’ve somehow fallen behind where we should be,
or we’re not sure what we should be doing.
The thing is, pretty much everyone feels the same way – we just don’t talk about it enough.

That’s why we build tools to help you understand your money better
and make plans that will let you afford the things you want in life.


Get the things you want in life.
Quicker. Easier. Cheaper. 

It’s a weird phenomenon. Other people’s lives seem pretty sorted from the outside.
While ours sometimes feels chaotic. Or missing something. Or not quite on track.

It’s why it’s easier to give friends advice about their lives than it is to make changes in our own.

It’s one of the reasons that we made Lifetise like a game.
So you can play out different life scenarios and see how they impact your finances and your happiness.


Designed by financial experts
who live in the real world. 

We built Lifetise because we couldn’t find any financial guidance
that felt like it was talking about our lives.

We couldn’t believe that there wasn’t an app that showed you what to do with your money
if you wanted to buy a house, or start a family, or go freelance, or go live abroad for a while, or
do any of the million and one things that people want to do in life.

So we pulled together a brilliant team of people in their 20s, 30s and 40s
from the worlds of finance, video games, tech, design and behavioural science.

We’ve been through lots of the life stages, challenges and exciting things that you’re going through.
Lifetise is designed to help you feel confident taking each step in life.